Flamingo Hot and Cold Gel Pack

Flamingo Hot and Cold Gel Pack


For Sports Injury Neck, Muscle Soreness, Back, Shoulder, Hip, Ankle, Knee Pain Relief | Washable Outer Cover | Reusable, Multi-Purpose, Fast Relief Heat and Cool Pack

Net Quantity1.00 count
Product BenefitsCold Relief,Pain Relief,Blood Flow,Relief From



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  • 2 in 1 pain reliever,it’s re-usable and can be used alternatively.
  • Works on the twin principle of Thermotherapy & Cyrotherapy.
  • Used as Hot Pack; it increases the blood flow thereby reducing muscle spasm and offering relief from chronic Knee, Elbow and Shoulder pain.
  • Used as Cold Pack; it reduces the blood flow thereby reducing swelling post injuries.
  • To be used with washable outer cover (comes with the pack) to protect the skin from being directly exposed to the heat or cold. Contains highly viscous gel offering retention of heat and chill.


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